Brentwood Plastics, Inc: Formable film

Brentwood Plastics' METSFT metallocene monolayer PE is a deep-draw formable packaging film that offers an alternative to formable nylon and multilayer coextruded films when used in non-barrier applications for frozen food, medical components, electronics, pharmacy mailers and retail shippers.


METSFT film provides high-melt strength, and runs on HFFS machines, which vacuum form a cavity, drop in product, then seal a top web.  Rapid hot tack seals in the presence of contaminants, at lower temperatures than PET and similar films. The addition of a tamper-evident feature helps medical device manufacturers reduce exposure to counterfeiting and repackaged part risk.  Available in thicknesses of 4 to 13 mils, corona treated for printing with water- or solvent-based inks.

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