Multisorb Technologies, Inc: Sorbent canister dispenser

Multisorb’s APA-9000 high-speed canister dispenser dispenses Multisorb’s extensive line of high-performance sorbent canisters, including SorbiCap®, Multiform CSF™ and StabilOx®.

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Capable of dispensing up to 325 canisters/minute, the dispenser can be customized to run in a variety of lines including bottling, VFFS, flow wrapper, thermoform and pouching machinery. Equipped with an Allen-Bradley PLC for enhanced automation, the APA-9000 incorporates dual gravity feed bowls, which are fed from dual respective hoppers with a cleated conveyor and offers FIFO dispensing control. Each hopper is designed to accommodate a full 4,000 canisters from a single pail or box for high-volume production runs. For bottling applications, the APA-9000 dispenser offers a servo-motor operated bottle indexing screw. Can be tailored for specific customer applications to include an optional dry air system or an inert gas purge.
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