Heat Seal LLC: VFS stick packager

WeighPack’s XPdius Junior Elite VFS for stick packaging uses a servo drive to deliver up to 70 packs/minute on the one up model or 140 packs/minute on the two up model.

Pw 4870 Webweighpack
Stick packs of 3/8 in. wide are easily handled on all heat seal-able materials. A single tube model can handle up to 5.5 in. wide bags, the twin model up to 2 3⁄4 in. wide bags. Standing under 4 ft. tall, the machine is easily interfaced with any type of filling equipment including auger or piston fillers. All mechanics can be accessed from four sides. An easy-to-wind film roller assembly and film tracking keeps film centered at all times. Includes an articulating panel for the HMI.

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