Neopac: Tamper-evident systems

Neopac provides six variations of tamper-evident heads, caps and closures for its pharmaceutical-compliant Polyfoil tubes.

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With the nozzle cap the tear-off band is removed first using the pull tab provided. With the top star system, the twist off cap has a recessed molded design on its top that can be used to remove the “top star” which is molded over the opening of the tube. The membrane system features a stamped-out foil membrane that is removed using the pull-tab on the side. A membrane with one or two wings, and different foil qualities are available. The fliptop cap with tear-off band cannot be opened until the tear-off band has been removed. With the tube with non-perforated cuttable nozzle a closed nozzle-tube is sliced open to assure first time use. The sleeve system features a plastic shrink band. The user must pull the plastic band at the perforated section to open the cap.
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