ESS Technologies: Robotic infeed loading system

ESS Technologies’ TaskMate™ Robotic Loading System for machine infeeds integrates with their Bergami Model TF 100 Automatic Tube Filler/Closer (or similar tube fillers).

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The TaskMate incorporates a FANUC robot and ESS-designed end-of-arm tooling (EOAT) to load the infeed of the Model TF 100, which automatically fills and closes up to 100 metal, plastic or polyfoil tubes per minute. The robotic infeed system keeps pace with the infeed requirements of high speed tube fillers, allowing the TF 100 to run at maximum production levels. Multi-axis robots prevent damage to the tubes or jams from occurring at the infeed. The robotic loader allows the tube filling system to operate unattended for long production runs. Designed to meet cGMP standards and may be installed in sterile rooms using a clean room robot option.
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