Wulftec International Inc: Stretch wrapper

The CAT (Combo Arm Turntable ) stretch wrapper from Wulftec/M.J. Maillis switches operating modes: operation in only rotary arm mode at 30 RPM, operation in only turntable mode at 15 RPM or operation in combo arm turntable mode at 45 RPM--wrapping more than 100 loads an hour.

Pw 5325 Webwultec
The CAT also features: rotary arm and turntable each driven by a 25 in. heavy-duty ring gear bearing, with pinion gear drive; dual chain carriage lift and dual structural steel boom; separate speed controls on rotary arm and turntable; 5,000 lbs. conveyor capacity with 6,000 lbs. optional; energy saving modes; accurate positioning of arm and table to reduce film consumption; ability to be fed by more than one palletizer.

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