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Weber Marking Systems’ Tronics Series 3 pressure-sensitive label applicator is available in standard-, medium- and high-speed models that can apply up to 2,400-in. of label web per minute.

Pw 5678 Webwebber
The system can apply front, back, wrap-around, top and bottom pressure-sensitive labels and can be configured to handle flat-sided, round, oval/contoured, and other shaped packages. Dispenses and applies pressure-sensitive labels from 5-in. high x 5-in. long to 10-in. high and 39-in. long. Conveyor rails, labeling heads, wrap-around belts, aligning chains and other system modules all feature tool-less adjustments for quick, easy product and label changeovers. Stores up to 100 jobs in its memory, and on-board software communicates with popular PLCs.
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