Altra Industrial Motion: Enclosed clutch/brake

Altra Industrial Motion brand Warner Electric's Enclosed UniModule Washdown Clutch/Brake (EUM-W) is totally enclosed with a rugged housing to keep wear particles in and contaminants out for applications such as food processing conveyors that require clean operations and frequent caustic washdown.

Pw 5810 Webwarner
The EUM-W provides rapid cycling and accurate positioning to soft controlled starts and stops. The units feature stainless steel shafts and USDA-approved coating, corrosion-resistant fasteners and special sealing accessories. Smooth exterior keeps food particles and other contaminants from getting trapped. The packaged clutch/brake modules can be base mounted or installed directly on C-face motors and reducers. Completely preassembled, prealigned, and preburnished from the factory. The units are easy to install, automatically adjust for wear and require no maintenance.
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