Videojet Technologies Inc: Videojet Technologies Inc: Omega/Videojet track and trace system on display

FROM PACK EXPO 2008: Omega and Videojet showcase complete parent/child e-pedigree system.

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With pharmaceutical companies pushing for a complete e-Pedigree track and track solution, Omega and Videojet have team up to meet this challenge. The system will print a 2-D GS1 code on the bottom of pharmaceutical bottles, while a camera instantly scans the codes for readability, which can include a human readable code as well. 
The bottles are then bundled together, while a camera rescans the bottom of each bottle to verify readability of the individual bottles, and the software then records the individual bottles in the bundle, prints a 2D code for the bundle and forms a parent/child relationship between the bundle and individual bottles.  This allows an individual bottle to be traced back to an entire bundle or case, and vice versa.  Videojet and Omega claim this is the first time someone has been able to actually showcase a complete system.

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