Enercon Industries Corp.: Induction cap sealer system

Enercon's Super Seal™ Deluxe cap sealer system features microprocessor control, operator interface and advanced sealing head design to maximize performance.

Pw 6235 Webenercon Ss Deluxe
Simple operation is guided by the microprocessor which is specifically designed to control, monitor and display all critical performance, inspection and operational data. An optional RS485 interface is available as a powerful link to the process computer. An assortment of custom sealing heads allows precise matching of sealing head to application, and plug-in sealing head design makes changing heads simple and easy. The Super Seal™ Deluxe features a compact all-in-one power supply and sealing head that requires little floor space and low maintenance. The system also incorporates built-in functionality for cap inspection, eliminating the need for an additional control box.
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