New England Machinery, Inc: Secondary orienter

New England Machinery’s Model SO-4 Center Neck Container Linear Orienter is designed to accept and convey rectangular, square and round bottles with centered necks and/or handles and orient them. SEE IT AT PACK EXPO--Booth #1648!

The SO-4 distinguishes the bottle’s incoming orientation based on container symmetry, using a variety of inspection methods, and orients the bottles accordingly. The bottles will face the same way to suit the customer’s downstream packaging operation. The SO-4 can orient 90, 180, or 270 degrees depending upon inspection results. The SO-4 is a self-contained, freestanding unit, and offers a low profile. Operators have easy access for changeovers. The SO-4 slides up to the customer’s existing conveyor for ease of installation. The simple (hand crank or electric) height adjustment allows it to be raised when not in use and lowered for the next changeover. The orienter provides a smooth continuous motion, advanced custom design incorporating non-marring transfer belts. It is capable of up to 150 containers per minutes, depending on the bottle size.
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