Better Packages: Ink jet for corrugated

The Better Pack Ink Jet Printer from Better Packages, Inc., is a high resolution ink jet printer that can be easily mounted on the conveyor system of most case sealers.

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The printer delivers 300 dpi, on demand printing of changeable alpha-numeric messages and logos directly on the corrugated carton. If the case sealer uses paper water-activated tape, the ink jet printer can also print directly on the tape. The printer is ready to install and use right out of the box and includes a mounting bracket, a handheld controller and one print head module. The print head can print a one-line message of 1/2-inch high characters or two lines of text with 7/32-inch high characters. Up to four print heads can be stacked in a single bracket to produce up to 4 lines of 1/2-inch characters or up to 8 lines of 7/32-inch characters. As many as 99 messages can be stored for frequent and easy changeover. Because the Better Pack Ink Jet Printer can store and print high resolution logos, it is highly effective in fulfillment operations that are packing and individually shipping several brands.

Phone: 800/237-9151

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