ESS Technologies: Robotic palletizer cell

ESS Technologies M-16iC robotic mini palletizer cell incorporates a Fanuc M-16iC robot to create single-pallet, dual-pallet, and multiple-pallet cell configurations.

Pw 6898 E Ess Tech

Robot can be specified for payloads of 22 or 44 lb and has a reach of 68” or 59”, depending on the payload capacity. Other Fanuc robot models may be specified for higher payloads and longer reach requirements. Standard pallet size is 40”x48” with a 62” stack height. Custom end-of-arm robotic tooling is designed for each application, and tooling changeover times are typically 1-2 min. Features a controller and easy-to-use teach pendant that simplifies setup and operator training. Conveyors of 4’- or 6’-L feed the filled and sealed cases to the palletizer, while interlocked guarding ensures operator safety. Options include pallet discharge conveyor, pallet infeed conveyor, pallet magazine, pallet dispenser, tier/deck sheet rack, and a number of case-printing, labeling, and stretch-wrapping accessories. Phone: 540/961-5716 |

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