ESS Technologies: Monoblock powder filler/capper

The MB 120 monoblock powder filler/capper from ESS Technologies incorporates a Spee-Dee® servo-driven auger filler and touchscreen controls to simplify powder filling in pharmaceutical, medical device, diagnostic test kit, and cosmetics applications.

Pw 7085 E Ess Tech

The dual-pitch, servo-driven MB 120 filler/capper offers filling speeds to 120 bpm, while the single-pitch mechanical MB 40 and MB 60 filler/cappers operate at 40 and 60 bpm, respectively. Product infeed options include gravity-feed hoppers, belt conveyors, bucket conveyors, and vibratory feeders for free-flowing or nonflowing powders. Bottles or vials reach the auger via a starwheel. With each fill signal, the drive accelerates to a chosen speed, turns a selected number of revolutions, and decelerates to a gentle stop, resulting in a repeatable filing cycle each time. The outcome is increased filling accuracy, less giveaway, and an improved bottom line.

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