Nordson Corporation: Nordson Corporation: Integrated adhesive melter and feed system

Nordson’s Problue® Fulfill™ System integrates an adhesive melter and automatic feeder for improved productivity.

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The integrated melter and adhesive feed system automatically maintains desired adhesive levels in the melter tank to increase uptime, reduce clogged adhesive nozzles and deliver consistent bonding. An integrated capacitance sensor detects low adhesive levels and transmits a signal to a suction lance. Using vacuum, the system then conveys adhesive directly to the melter tank. Adding small quantities of adhesive at regular intervals prevents the sealed tank from running dry and reduces adhesive char, contaminants and incorrect adhesive temperatures that can result in poor bonding. By removing the need for manual refilling of melter tanks, operator exposure to hot surfaces, repetitive lifting to fill adhesive tanks and the adhesive spills are minimized. The ProBlue Fulfill system is currently available in 4, 7 and 10-liter melter capacities.
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