A-B-C Packaging Machine Corp.: Versatile case sealer

The new Model 426 top case sealer from A-B-C is just 10’L, but features a stainless-steel frame and welded and bolted construction to accommodate demanding case-sealing applications.

Pw 8268 E Abc Pkg

Machine offers interchangeable ability to seal with tape and hot-melt adhesive, allowing for increased packaging flexibility. Built with independent sealing modules for tape and adhesive application, sealer changes over in minutes by unlatching the sealing module via quick-turn clamps, removing existing module, and replacing it with alternate sealing module. Tool-less case size changeover is completed in minutes using hand crank handles. Runs at speeds to 50 cases/min and accepts cases spaced or back-to-back.

Phone: 800/237-5975


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