Sidel Inc: Dry decontamination

Sidel has launched the Predis™ decontamination process for packaging sensitive refrigerated products, such as dairy drinks and fruit juices.

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Process was designed on the Sidel Combi integrated blowing, filling, and capping machine and offers an economical and environmentally friendly decontamination solution compared to traditional processes that employ rinsing with chemical products. Dry decontamination is applied to preforms using hydrogen peroxide vapor. Nozzles, calibrated between 120º and 140ºC, are used to apply the vapor, which condenses evenly on the internal walls of the performs. Preforms are then heated in the oven to temps exceeding 100ºC. Bottles are blown using filtered air, and their transfer by the neck in a controlled atmosphere ensures that no recontamination occurs through the filling/capping phases. Predis will be available on a range of machines to run at speeds from 10,800 to 36,000 bottles/hr.

Phone: 678/221-3000

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