Fogg Filler Co.: Improved liquid filler

Fogg Filler has introduced the F6.2 model filler, which features improvements designed to increase both uptime and fill cleanliness.

Pw 8840 E Fogg Filler

Filler’s base is now sloped along the long axis, removing drain ports from the filling environment for increased sanitation. All-stainless-steel construction is available as an option. Safety guarding is now flush-mounted and includes a lower skirt to prevent access to rotating parts under the machine. A new spindle/hub design on the starwheels allows for quick, easy removal of the clutch while leaving the gears/sprockets engaged. Design also allows for independent adjustment of the taper bearings and positive clamping of the clutch. Other changes include a clutched bowl, and infeed screw now driven by a u-joint to reduce the number of wear parts. Designs may be retrofitted to older machines, as well.

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