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The Multiple Column Coding System is specifically designed for all horizontal form/fill/seal packaging machines, such as Multivac, RapidPak, Tiromat, Mahaffy & Harder and Dixie used in the meat and medical device markets.

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The MCC uses one printhead which greatly reduces downtime when changing steel type and hot stamp ribbon, and may be configured in an x,y or mxy configuration.


• Eliminates the need for multiple printheads

• One piece Cast Coder, means no parts replacement

• Disposable ink cartridge provides lowest cost per package

• Linear twin track slide bearing design satisfies high-speed coding requirements with no vibrations

• PLC controlled stepper motor means easy program changes and ensures pinpoint package code registration

• Disposable cartridges ink system both solvent/waterbase and specialty ink formulations for poly films Tyvek and papers

• New fast dry water-based ink, solvent free with no odor

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