FAWEMA Packaging Machinery, Inc: Bag filler

The FA 118 and FA 118 R bag fillers from Fawema (Engelskirchen-Ründeroth, Germany) take premade bags or bags taken from a vertical bag-forming machine to be filled, transported, and closed via a cycling cantilever arm system.

Pw 16198 Fawema

Quick-release change parts allow for a changeover to a different bag size in minutes. With speeds to 80 bags/min depending on weight and product to be filled, machine can accommodate bag sizes from 4 oz to 22 lb.

Other features include user-friendly operator interface; the ability to combine machine with different fillers such as net weighers, volumetric cup fillers, and auger fillers; a vibration track adjustable in frequency and amplitude; precise pre-folding and integrated folding stations; designed shaping in the transport system; and effective de-aeration by prefolding. Machines are ideal for products such as flour, sugar, oatmeal, spices, or building powders.

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