Oystar Jones: Oystar Jones: Oystar Jones: Coors installs multipacker

Golden, Co-based Coors recently installed a maxim™ Multi-packer from R.A. Jones (Cincinnati, OH) for packing cans in carton sleeves. The multipacker is run by a Giddings & Lewis (Fon du Lac, WI) motion controller integrated with an Allen-Bradley PLC from Rockwell Automation (Milwaukee, WI).

Together, these controllers manage the system’s drives, conveyors, can orientation, and timing. Coors can program options for 15 or 18 can/tier, single- or double-tier multipacks. Different programs are run for different package sizes.

Based on a modular design, the maxim is available in single or double-tier transfers, pad or slipsheet feeders for double-tier packs, partition feeders for bottle machines, infeed systems, and diverter tables. It can handle cans or bottles and use various substrates.

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