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Technica International: Pallet inspection system

Technica’s pallet inspection system is designed to inspect wooden or plastic pallets used in factories for major and common defects.

Pallet inspection system
Pallet inspection system

Defective pallets present several problems:

• Stop the line due to fallen product or due to jamming of the conveyors.

• Represent safety hazards during transport and storage.

• Generate waste and quality defects.

• Decrease the OEE of the plant.

Preset quality criteria:

• Clean pallet top surface.

• Structurally solid bottom runners, legs and top planks.

• Removal of protruding nails.

• Dimensional tolerances.

• Load carrying capacity.

Guaranteed results are achieved by using a combination of cameras and laser scanners to check dimensions, and broken parts, and mechanical devices to clean the pallet, remove protruding nails and test the load carrying capacity.

The system can be installed in line for a specific line, or offline, to receive, inspect and sort the pallets of the whole factor.

Rejected pallets are sorted out, stacked and sent out for scrap or maintenance.

Cost-saving calculations have shown a payback period as low as one year, depending on the volumes produced and the quality of the used pallets.

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