EHS Solutions: Material transfer station

The portable material transfer station from EHS Solutions features a high containment vessel charging package. It integrates a drum tipper into a glovebox isolator that features a state-of-the-art control system allowing the operator to safely transfer several drums of high-potency product into a process vessel.

Material transfer station
Material transfer station

This system allows for multiple drum transfers into a process tank while keeping operator exposure levels to less than 1 µg/m³ for the duration of the process. The MTS utilizes the central vacuum source on the vessel and does not require a separate powder transfer system.

Product is transferred through a small port on the vessel (manway remaining closed) to maintain an inert vessel and ensure operator safety. The PID control system reduces oxygen concentrations in the isolator below 1% for the powder transfer process while maintaining a high-containment isolator condition. Integrated load cells are used to weigh hopper contents while controls prevent material transfer if the weight in the hopper is over the target weight.

This system uses the EHS proprietary AMPP (Actively Managed Plug Prevention) technology to optimize product conveyance throughput. CIP spray nozzles are used to clean the interior of the isolator and vacuum hopper.

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