Stainless steel conveyors

FlexLink’s new X85X, X180X and X300X stainless conveyors are available in 3 widths, 85, 180 and 300 mm.

Pw 2031 Webflexlink
The capacity requirements for stainless conveyors are high:  the 85 mm wide version has an upper speed level of 120 m/min and the wider versions can run up to 80 m/min. The low-noise conveyor design is fully modular, enabling easy and accurate assembly and easy modification of the conveyor configuration when there is a need to change the line layout.  Available in 3 versions:  wash down, which is the standard and easy to clean; wipe off, the version with covered sides and no slots; and covered return chain, which is suited for applications when the requirements of cleanliness are extra high.