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Pressurex®, a tactile pressure indicating sensor film, can aid packaging manufacturers with their R&D, design and quality control processes to allow for the most persuasive and imaginative packaging possible.

Pressurex® is useful in assessing compression magnitude and distribution between any two mating, contacting or impacting surfaces and is virtually indispensable for manufacturing process control and machine/component inspection. The film also aids in quality control for applications such as validation and calibration of sealing die pressure during drug packaging as well as fulfilling GMP compliance by revealing weak spots, channels and wrinkles at the sealing surface.

Additionally, Pressurex® is widely used to verify and record pressure distribution during equipment set-up, preventive maintenance and product changeover for various form-fill-seal, deposit-fill-seal and CAP/MAP systems. By assessing these pressures, engineers can be assured of even sealing, proper registration, screen reproduction, overall print quality and more.

Pressurex® comes in the form of a large, thin, clear Mylar sheet, physically similar in appearance to a sheet of paper. When placed between contacting surfaces, the film instantaneously and permanently changes color. This color change is directly correlated to the specific amount of pressure applied. Precise pressure magnitude in PSI or kg/cm2 can easily be determined by comparing color variations to a color correlation chart, conceptually similar to interpreting Litmus paper.

Sensor Products LLC is able to customize Pressurex® for any application by laser cutting the film for small or precision areas and provides encasement services allowing for use in environments where water, oil or other liquids might be present. The company provides enhanced optical imaging services for greater detail and comparative evaluation performed with their analysis system Topaq®, which is also available for lease or purchase.

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