Web Plus: New or enhanced Web sites

Ouellette Machinery Systems Inc.


Site includes information and photos regarding the company’s history, palletizers, depalletizers, conveyors, pricing and data request forms, and job opportunities.

Placon Corp.


This upgraded Web site includes improved online ordering capabilities for stock retail products. The BoxFinder™ tool helps customers select the right stock package for their size requirements.

Anver Corp.


This upgraded Web site includes information and photos regarding the company’s line of vacuum cups and other machinery components.

Flex Products, Inc.


This new Web site features an interactive demonstration of the flexibility and possible applications available with the company’s SecureShift™ packaging security technology.



A new page on this Web site allows customers to configure a palletizer into more than 100 different plan view options. An AutoCAD file can be downloaded and the desired layout can be configured by turning layers on and off.

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