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Clemson opens retort lab

Hands-on pouched foods laboratory to benefit students and businesses.

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Sealed Air Corp. ( and Clemson University have collaborated to create the Cryovac® Flavour Mark™ Retort Laboratory, a 2,000-sq-ft teaching, research, and service facility in the university’s packaging science department in the College of Agriculture, Forestry and Life Sciences.

The Sealed Air-Clemson University project will benefit Clemson students, facilitate state-of-the-art research, and foster economic growth in the state, regional and global economies.

Clemson students will use the Cryovac Flavour Mark Retort Laboratory as a hands-on classroom to study food packaging–specifically shelf-stable retort packaging–and will benefit from Cryovac brand equipment donated by Sealed Air. The centerpiece machine is a Cryovac® Onpack Model 2070 vertical form/fill/seal system that pouches pumpable foods. It handles pouches from 6-in. to 12-in. wide and 7-in. to 19-in. long at speeds to 35 pouches/min.

When not in use by students, the facility will be available on a lease arrangement or fee-for-service basis to allow food processors to create and test a limited number of sample products for market distribution.

“Clemson University students will be responsible for developing the food packaging of tomorrow, so it is important that we help provide them with a hands-on experience,” said Jean-Marie Demeautis, president of Sealed Air’s Cryovac Food Solutions. “This relationship will not only be a boon for the students, it will also be a great benefit to the future of our business.”

Robust packaging curriculum

Clemson’s packaging science curriculum blends science and technology, design, marketing and business principles. Coupled with the Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition, the university offers a full-range of kitchens, food testing rooms and professional packaging laboratories, including a state-of-the-art package testing facility.

“There are only a handful of institutions nationwide that focus on the science of food packaging, and Clemson University is one of them,” said Dr. Scott Whiteside, an associate professor and associate director of Clemson’s Center for Flexible Packaging. “Given that food packaging, a $200 billion-plus industry in the United States, is an ever-changing industry, it is important that students learn in a real-world environment. Working with a company like Sealed Air guarantees our students that opportunity.”

For more information about the Cryovac® Flavour Mark™ Retort Laboratory, call 800/845-3456.

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