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interpack video report 3: conclusions

This report reinforces attributes that recurred in interpack machinery introductions: automated format changes as fast as 5 minutes, machines designed to run trendy package designs, and purpose-built packaging robots.

Interpack 2008 is now history, and the innovative machines introduced there will be making history.
Interpack 2008 is now history, and the innovative machines introduced there will be making history.

interpack 2008: Trendy packaging, 5-minute changeovers, robots

In our third and final video report, you’ll see a range of packaging machinery introduced at the interpack show with innovative attributes.

Highlights of the show included:

• Package developments from OEMs – new cartons, display-ready cases, beverage shrink sleeving, wrapping of complex shapes, high end product wrapping and the flexible can

• Simplified and consistent operation (no operator tweaking) through greater use of motorized, pushbutton, tool-less 5-15 minute changeovers

• Simplified maintenance through automation, allowing plants to take full ownership despite sophisticated technologies

• Rapidly increasing use of purpose-built packaging robotic machines rather than third party robots – for high speed picking, packing and orienting of products and primary packs

• Integrating the product assembly process into packaging

Because interpack takes place only once every three years, it is the showplace for major European product announcements.

See interpack video reports one and two.

Case packer makes 8-minute size changes

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To operate at speeds approaching 600 to 700 flow packs per minute and offer motorized tool-less changeovers, Paal uses ELAU servo technology.

The ELEMATIC 1000 WA-i in operation at the Paal booth is a horizontal tray and hood packing system featuring 8-minute changeovers for up to 10 different formats. A large, low height blank magazine allows for easy reloading. Blank feeding and flap folders are both servo-driven.

400 cpm robotic product orientation, feeding

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Theegarten-Pactec is well known for their incredibly high speed candy wrapping systems. But how to feed a shaped chocolate that must be oriented into the wrapper at speeds of 300 to 400 pieces per minute?

For Managing Director Egbert Rőhm, the answer was robotics. At interpack, the company demonstrated a robotic orientation system utilizing an ELAU P3 robot arm. ELAU allowed Theegarten-Pactec to embed their own robotic solution as part of their machine instead of an add-on third party robot with a separate, proprietary ‘black box’ controller.

Servo shrink wrapper saves 15-25% in film

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Kallfass ran its Servo Jet 400 side sealing shrink wrap machine at interpack. Used in many different applications for shrink packaging and mailing, the Servo Jet leverages the precision of ELAU automation technology to use less film and form perfect seams..

According to North American vp Bodo Goepfert, the Servo Jet uses between 15% to 25% less film than machines they are replacing and competitive machinery on the market today.

200 cpm cartoner former boasts 5-minute size changes

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For maximum carton size flexibility, independent ELAU servo axes drive each carton forming station on the Gemini Carton Former from 3S Packaging Technology.

Size changes are accomplished in under 5 minutes using an adjustable, easy-access low carton magazine, quick release plungers and lightweight carbon fiber forming heads. Adjustments are made from the touchscreen HMI. 80, 150 and 200 cpm models are offered.

Overwrapper makes perfect seals, 5-minute changeovers

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Consumers’ expectations for high end cosmetics and pharmaceuticals call for the use of premium cartons and perfect overwraps.

Pester Pac’s new PEWO-fold C120 meets this requirement hands-down. With an output rate of 120 cartons per minute regardless of carton size and changeovers in only 5 to 10 minutes with minimal change parts, luxury packaging becomes very practical.

Willi Rassl, product and development manager, explains “The unique selling point…is the gentle way in which products are fed in despite the high speed….Altogether, 12 ELAU servo motors are responsible for a continuous, gentle product flow on a single level.”

Ultra-compact 50-100 ppm delta robot case packer

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Canada’s Nuspark Engineering introduced its compact NTL-50 delta robotic top-loading case packing system to Europe, embracing the same ELAU technology that dominates the European market.

Using ELAU’s robotic solution that integrates robot control as a software object in the main machine control program running on the same controller as the rest of the machine, Nuspark achieves up to 50 picks per minute with payloads up to 40 kg.

By hanging a second delta robot arm in the same machine frame, the case packer handles an amazing 100 ppm in the same footprint and same electrical cabinet size.

ELAU’s interpack theme: ‘experience innovation’

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‘Experience innovation’ was written on the wall of ELAU’s interpack booth. In fact, the innovation seemed to be wherever you turned. And with nearly 240 ELAU-enabled packaging machines on display, this was literally true around some corners.

For example, machinery builders were employing ELAU’s robotic systems and servo modules in force. What is the significance of this trend? PMMI has published research stating that within five years, some 50% of packaging machines will employ robotics.

Rather than add a third party robot and proprietary controller over the top of a machine, ELAU technology streamlines and tightly synchronizes the robotic function in the packaging process.

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