Round 2: more interpack machinery video

In this edition, exclusive video shot live at interpack includes robotic rainbow tray packer, a true rotary gravimetric filler, servo-changeover case packer, ingenious new candy cartons…and more

Our second video report on machines launched at interpack is heavy on flexibility, robotics, easy changeover and unique capabili
Our second video report on machines launched at interpack is heavy on flexibility, robotics, easy changeover and unique capabili

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Interpack 2008: the machines take center stage!

As these videos attest, the halls of interpack held no shortage of good ideas. U.S. visitors that Packaging Automation met largely mentioned the proliferation of automation, of servo machines, and expressly noted the spread of robotics.

ELAU alone counted some 240 machines equipped with its servo-based automation system, many taking advantage of the company’s robotics capabilities and intelligent servo modules.

In this issue you’ll see another example of PRB’s complete changeover to ELAU as its automation partner, high speed gravimetric filling technology from OPTIMA, case erecting and packaging systems from IMA and Buhmann offering totally automated servo changeovers, sustainable tube packaging from Norden, patented cartons from ACMA and much more.

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Oystar A+F: the ultimate tray packing robot?

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It’s actually quite compact, seeing as it replaces 4 separate machines and the conveyors connecting them. But massive is still the best description for the three twin-delta robot arms running Oystar A+F’s SetLine end-of-line packaging system. Mounted on top, the big ELAU servo motors powering the robots could be seen from aisles away.

In the interpack demonstration, SetLine created 4-flavor rainbow packs from single flavor packs diverted from their respective fillers at up to 500 trays per hour.

Breakthrough: OPTIMA’s gravimetric filler

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They said it couldn’t be done, and before the advent of ELAU’s intelligent servo modules, it wasn’t possible according to OPTIMA.

The new OPTIMA WF X-9 weighing filler is a high speed rotary system that performs 100% gravimetric filling instead of the conventional volumetric filling with downstream check weighing.

The enabling technology is ELAU’s proven ability to operate multiple servos on rotating carousels using a single cable. It’s the same technology behind the invention of servo rotary cappers and labelers.

IMA offers totally automated servo case packer

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Recent research sponsored in part by ELAU suggests a much higher incidence of packaging lines with multiple changeovers per day – some 37% of respondents.

In the video, you’ll see the IMA case packer change over in less than a minute after running a series of cartons into cases. There are no tools, no change parts and most important, no tweaking. Setup is both consistent and precise with a simple press of the touchscreen HMI. Gantry pusher, flap tuckers and case lugs automatically reposition as you watch the video.

As its name implies, the CP50 can process up to 50 cases per minute. So, saving ten hours of changeover time per week equates to up to 30,000 cases per week of production.

ACMA’s ingenious cartons…and cartoner

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You may recall the May 2006 article featuring ACMA’s ‘pocket pack’ lozenge and candy cartons. Now ACMA has expanded its offering to a family of value-added cartons – and the cartoning machinery to form, fill and seal them.

Enter ACMA’s new Zip Top pack for confectionary and gum, and the FT 301 cartoning machine to produce variants that include the patented Zip Top, Dispenser and Hinge-Lid in addition to their previous Flip Top and Shaker Box.

These novel packs all provide the consumer with unique interesting closures that have easy opening, dispensing and reclosing features.

About ELAU

ELAU is the only company worldwide exclusively focused on the automation of packaging machinery. ELAU’s PacDrive™ automation system offers the only automation platform purpose-built for the packaging industry.

ELAU equips over $1 billion worth of the world’s best machines annually, with over 40,000 PacDrive systems already deployed in packaging machinery worldwide.

The market demands packaging operations that are more flexible and efficient to fulfill marketing, supply chain and global business strategies. ELAU innovations have enabled a revolution in mechanical, software and hardware modularity to deliver these agile packaging systems.

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