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The next 11 top sources of OEE losses

More ways to improve your packaging operation's Overall Equipment Effectiveness.

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In the last issue, we highlighted the Top 10 sources of Overall Equipment Effectiveness losses as noted by OEE expert Paul Zepf of, based on his 35 years of related industry experience.

Now you're ready to drill deeper into OEE improvements by considering those additional aspects that drag on OEE. Here are the next 11 highest sources of OEE losses, according to Zepf:

11. Losses due to rework.
12. Losses due to input material and supplies from improper specifications, design, and/or manufacture.
13. Losses due to poor integration and line control. As more equipment becomes electronic, then the programming becomes increasingly critical.
14. Losses to due to inadequate or inappropriate housekeeping, cleanliness, and order.
15. Losses due to poor maintenance practices and response, and to ineffective permanent corrective actions.
16. Losses due to poor conveyor and/or buffer effectiveness.
17. Losses due to an inability to maintain input materials and supplies at the point of use when required.
18. Losses due to an inability to keep an effective schedule and to place more manpower onto the production line to mitigate problems such as quality issues or machine issues.
19. Losses due to purchasing and logistics of input materials and/or finished goods being out of sync with the production process. Usually this occurs as the packaging process becomes more efficient over short periods of time.
20. Losses due to manufacturing or product processing being out of sync with the production process.
21. Downstream processes such as warehousing or direct shipping negatively impacting the packaging process.

For further information, visit and check out the next Packaging Line Performance Workshop sponsored by Packaging World, ELAU, Hartness Intl., and Multivac. The next workshops are slated for June 24-25 in Los Angeles and Sept. 16-17 in New Brunswick, NJ.

Look for more OEE insights in upcoming issues of Packaging Insights.
-Rick Lingle

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