More RFID test centers

This list supplements the RFID Labs and Test Centers directory we initially published in the August issue. For a full listing of the more than 20 labs along with additional details, see

Cal Poly RFID Test Center, San Luis Obispo, CA
Cal Poly has operated its RFID Test Center for three-plus years. The 3,500-sq-ft RFID test lab features equipment including an anechoic chamber, a multifrequency spectrum analyzer, and a custom, 600-fpm conveyor system.

The Kennedy Group RFID Customer Solution Center, Willoughby, OH
A 7,000-sq-foot RFID Customer Solution Center is designed to test product along with software solutions in manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution simulations. The Center is equipped with the latest software, readers, printers, and printer applicators to perform dock door and high-speed conveyor testing.

Lowry Computer Products RFID Innovation Centers, Brighton, MI, and Irvine, CA
Lowry operates two state-of-the-art RFID Innovation Centers, located in Brighton, MI, and Irvine, CA. Key services include determining and testing optimal tag selection and placement for RFID applications. Lowry also offers comprehensive, industry-recognized RFID training and certification.

PEAK Technologies’ RFID Solutions Center, Columbia, MD
The RFID Solutions Center with a 750-fpm conveyor system, includes testing of packaging composition in terms of RFID signal propagation; tag placement and orientation; read range validation and antenna selection; portal and product-conveyor performance; and a host of other best-fit solutions.

Rockwell Automation, Milwaukee, WI, and Cleveland, OH
The 900-sq-ft RFID demo center at its global HQ in Milwaukee helps manufacturers design and implement an RFID solution. The facility operates a depalletizing/repalletizing conveyor with Allen-Bradley controls and two different model RFID readers ported via an EWEB module. It also operates an RFID portal at its demo center in Cleveland, OH.

Sun Microsystems, Longmont, CO
The facility moved from Dallas, TX, to this 32,000-sq-ft facility that’s equipped to help companies meet specific standards requirements like those stipulated by Wal-Mart, Target, Albertsons, or the U.S. Department of Defense.

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