Six Innovative Products

High-precision bus terminalThe KL3356 analog input bus terminal provides a measurement accuracy of 0.01% for direct connection of resistor bridges, strain gauge sensors, and all common input signals.

It digitizes standard voltage and current signals with a resolution of 16 bits and precision of 15 bits.

Beckhoff Automation

Light grid sensors

The MLG and ELG lines of light grid sensors have five different beam spacing options, more than 20 detection heights, and 10 different output configurations. They can be used for handling items on conveyors, for order fulfillment, or in other packaging applications.

Sick Inc.

High-end industrial PC

The APC680 industrial PC is for demanding controller and visualization tasks, with a modular construction that can be adapted to an application’s requirements. It features a Slot CPU based on the Intel 815E chip set.

B&R Industrial Automation Group

Non-fused switch disconnects

The SD1 and SD2 series of non-fused switch disconnects allow breaking and disconnecting on equipment loads of up to 600VAC, at nominal current ranges from 16A to 40A for the SD1, and 63A to 125A for the SD2. They are DIN-rail- or panel-mountable.

Automation Direct

VFD saves energy

The F700 series of variable frequency drives (VFDs) is available for either 200V or 400V supplies and can control motors ranging from one to 800 horsepower. The NEMA 1-rated F700 features energy optimization software.

Mitsubishi Electric Automation Inc.

OPC plug-and-play vision

A new PC-based OPC server designed to work with DVT’s Legend series of smart camera-based machine vision systems eliminates custom interfaces and drivers. It supports OPC standards for Data Access, XML and Complex Data.

DVT Corp.

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