Consumer survey identifies package challenges

Packaging for liquid soap and for ready-to-eat, precut fruits were identified by consumers as the most consumer-friendly in a new survey and report from Mona Doyle/The Consumer Network.

Based on interviews with 475 shoppers across the United States—and 78 product categories—the survey noted that among package and closure types, top-slide zipper closures and plastic jars were favored. The most unfriendly types were blisters and clamshells. Among product segments viewed as having unfriendly packaging were small electronics, athletic supplies, carded capsules, cosmetics, and health testing kits.

Other consumer dislikes were getting tablets/capsules/pills out of the package, hard-to-understand packages and labels, environmentally unfriendly packs, finding contents spilled after opening the package, storage difficulties, misleading graphics, and spilling on the first pour. The 137-page report sells for $1귔. Call Mona Doyle at 215/235-2400 for more information.

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