High-visibility packs to see rapid growth

A studypublished in March 2004 by the Freedonia Group forecasts United States demand for clamshells, blister packs and other prominent packages will reach $7.2 billion in 2008.

That represents 25 billion packages. Growth will result from healthy advances in consumer spending along with retail trends driving greater product security requirements, achieved by packaging choices designed to deter theft and pilferage while also allowing consumers to view contents. The best opportunities are anticipated for clamshells and carded blister packs; gains will be driven by the increased need for product security in self-service retail environments.

Clamshells to remain dominant product

Clamshells, the leading package by total market value, will post the strongest gains among "high-visibility" packaging product segments through 2008. Despite their relatively high cost, says the study, clamshells are being used more frequently among larger, heavier and more costly hardware, cosmetics and toiletries, and electronic products, and with smaller items like batteries due to their ability to be pegged or displayed on shelves. Strong advances are also anticipated in food markets based on rapid growth in fresh produce and prepared foods packaging.

The report indicates that carded blister pack demand will expand in line with the industry average, propelled by healthy gains for pharmaceutical blister packs. Slower growth is anticipated in other consumer product markets, where the effects of increasing offshore product manufacturing will be felt as the potential market base for the packaging of such goods shrinks.

Slower growth segments

The study anticipates slowed growth for windowed and skin packaging. Windowed packaging demand will face maturity and competition from alternatives like pouches, clamshells and other clear containers. Skin pack growth will be slowed as a result of declining demand for carded skin packs due to higher production costs and the shift to offshore production in key applications. Noncarded skin packaging demand will lag the market average, but will be aided by increased use with fresh and precooked meats, poultry and seafood.

Food, drug, medical are best prospects

Food products, currently the largest market for high-visibility packaging, will register above-average growth, stimulated by an expanding population base, a favorable outlook for consumer spending, smaller household sizes and increasing consumption of convenience-oriented foods. Pharmaceutical and medical device markets will represent the strongest future opportunities for high-visibility packaging.

This study presents historical data (1993, 1998, 2003) and forecasts through 2008 and 2013 by product and market. The study also evaluates company market share and profiles more than 50 industry competitors. The study is available in several formats for as low as $3꽤.

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