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Liquid packaging servo gains popularity with machine builders

ELAU’s new integral servo motor/drive, the PacDrive™ SCL-055, has received significant attention among respected liquid packaging machinery builders.

Pw 13419 Ssc Sclmotor

Already KRONES SIG Alfa SACMI Labelling SIG Simonazzi IMA Ronchi Mario and Alcoa are applying the purpose-built SCL servo technology. Discussions with many other European and North American machine builders are also underway.

There are compelling reasons for using the PacDrive SCL in all liquid packaging applications from beverages to pharmaceuticals to liquid foods. In the beverage sector Krones AG which introduced their new servo capper using the SCL technology at the Brau Beviale 2003 trade show in Nuremberg cite these main benefits:

Pushbutton recipe changes

Package format changes -- caps or bottles -- can be selected at the operator panel and implemented without manual adjustment of the capping heads.

Capping process quality

The quality of the capping process is directly dependent upon the consistency of capping torque. The precise servo feedback ensures the accuracy of the capping moment to within +/- 1.5 lb-in. The beverage industry measures capping torque specifications according to the Cpk processability index with a minimum Cpk target of >1.33. This value was very difficult to reach with a mechanical capper while the new servo capper exceeds this value by a significant margin.

Error detection and quality documentation

The controller detects faulty or slipping threads and misaligned or deformed caps and assures that faulty units are ejected from production. In addition electronic capping heads permit the online documentation of quality parameters. Statistical data can then be accessed and analyzed by production management systems.

Predictive maintenance

Remote diagnostic capabilities in the PacDrive system enable preventive maintenance to reduce unscheduled downtime. Increasing bearing friction in the capping head or in the motor for example can be sensed the cause identified and the appropriate maintenance interval predicted before failure occurs.

Optimized for liquid applications / rotary tables

The SCL servo motor/drive’s trapezoidal form factor lends itself to integration on space-restricted rotary tables. Integrated electronics eliminate the need for separate amplifiers and electrical cabinets on the rotating machine member. Wiring requirements are vastly simplified with a single cable connection between motor/drives and a carousel-mounted power distribution box. The SCL features IP 67 moisture sealing and a durable multifunctional coating makes the PacDrive™ SCL-055 resistant to caustic chemicals.

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