Flow control technology facilitates faster filling

Mettler-Toledo offers a new flow control technology that it claims can increase both filling speed and accuracy for filling machinery manufacturers.

Licensed from Procter & Gamble, which developed the technology for both processing and packaging applications, the technology is incorporated into Mettler-Toledo’s QiMPACT (Qi) product. Qi was displayed in Mettler-Toledo’s booth at the Rockwell Automation Fair in Milwaukee, WI, in mid-November.

Qi combines Mettler-Toledo hardware and software with P&G’s predictive adaptive control algorithms to gain tighter control of the flow of liquids, solids, or powders. The controller measures the weight and flow rate of a given material at periodic points and then builds a mathematical model of the process. The material transfer control system can then predict the exact moment flow cutoff needs to occur. Because this cut-off is determined in advance, there is no need to slow the filling process to control normal process variability, according to the supplier. Simple and fast on-off control replaces the more common dribble-feed control. Bottom line: higher throughput, with no loss in accuracy, says the company.

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