Stainless washdown conveyors

AquaPruf™ conveyors, a just-launched line of all stainless-steel conveyors engineered for the washdown and sanitary markets, are suitable for food, pharma, medical, and personal-care products industries.

The conveyors come in the 7200 Series and the slightly more robust 7300 Series. (The 7200 Series is shown in Photo 1.) These stainless-steel, low-profile conveyors can take high-pressure washings with water, soap, bleach, chlorine, alcohol, or foaming chlorine cleaner without the worry of bearings or other important components corroding. They're also shipped within 5 to 10 business days of being ordered, says the company.

During a recent media tour of the Dorner facility, director of manufacturing Randy Meis said that a company-wide commitment to eliminating waste and operating in as lean a manner as possible has brought the following benefits over the past four years:

Inventory has been reduced by 40%.

98% of shipments are on-time.

Shop throughput is up 70%.

Product lead time has been improved by 50 to 66%.

Customer satisfaction figure is up 15%.

During the tour, Meis showed the Dorner's patented belt heat presses, which are used to melt urethane belts to form one continuous belt (Photo 2). Also shown (Photo 3) is Dorner's patented finger splice for joining belts, along with the V-guide belt-tracking that eliminates the need for belt-tracking adjustments.

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