Servo auger filler/bagger

The Phaser Bagger from EaglePack (Oakland, CA) will be shown at the 2003 SCAA coffee exposition in Boston, held April 25-28.

Pw 14814 Phaser

The Phaser vf/f/s bagger is equipped with the ExactaPack series 6000 servo auger filler. It has a size range from 2”x3” to 13”x15” and its cycle speed of up to 60 bags/min. The servo auger filler allows a significant increase in accuracy over standard clutch brake auger filling methods, company says. Other features include a 40 recipe set-up memory, integrated temperature controls for vertical and horizontal seals, an encoder system that ensures optimal repeatability in bag length and film advance, positive film advance with reinforced polyurethane belts, and more.

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