FPA study picks consumers' brains

Qualitative, focus-group research conducted recently by Perception Research Services on behalf of the Flexible Packaging Assn. (Linthicum, MD) arrived at six key conclusions:

Pw 14896 Consumers

• Because existing storage systems are built for current package formats, consumers expressed strong resistance to packaging changes for home entertainment products (in particular CD jewel cases).

• Improved produce freshness retention and product protection generated some of the most enthusiastic consumer response.

• Although consumers expressed frustration over opening/accessing medicinal packaging (blister cards in particular), they noted some level of understanding that the difficulty was a cost-of-entry for tamper-resistance/ child-proofing assurances.

• A flexible pouch with a valve garnered widespread interest, as consumers were able to apply its use to several product categories.

• Consumers’ familiarity and overall satisfaction with the stand-up pouch prompted additional usage applications.

• For the most part, consumers are not averse to blister packaging.

For a copy of “Consumer Preferences in Packaging,” email FPA at fpa@flexpack.org.

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