Pack Expo Video: Integral conveyor/accumulator/single-filer

NEWS FROM PACK EXPO: With four patents pending, the new space-saving Infinity™ accumulator from Garvey Corp. (Blue Anchor, NJ) features a built-in combiner that can be configured as a single-file outfeed, multiple-lane outfeed, or en mass outfeed. See video clip of this machine

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Operating using a single conveyor chain, the Infinity conveys via a proprietary loop-storage system that recirculates the containers and keeps them in constant motion. The no-back-pressure handling includes “variable velocity curve” turns that ensure that containers don’t touch each other, thus reducing label and bottle damage. In a booth demo, a raw egg was inserted into the flow on a conveyor packed with glass containers; the egg remained undamaged in a full loop. Infinity will handle any round, rectangular, or tapered glass; PET; aluminum; or other empty or full containers.

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