Coffee flex-pack takes a stand

NEWS FROM PACK EXPO: After PackExpo, Fres-co’s (Telford, PA) Model GL-14 vf/f/s machine will be shipped to the Seattle, WA plant of Tully’s Coffee Corp.

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The GL-14 forms a stand-up, gusseted bag with reclosure. The machine features Corner Seal™ technology that eliminates a back seal to allow for full front and back panel design.

Tully’s coffee package is reverse-printed in five colors on a gravure press. On the GL-14, the preprinted rollstock, made of aluminum foil, polyester, aluminum foil, and polyethylene, is 4-corner sealed and sealed on the bottom. After the bag is filled, a tin-tie reclosure device is applied and the bag is sealed with tape.

The corner seal technology is said to provide a unique shape that is maintained on the store shelf.

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