2002 NACD Packaging Awards

Packaging World highlights the Gold Award winners of the National Assn. of Container Distributors 2002 Awards.

Silk & velvet fragrance spray

Category: Cosmetics & toiletries

AVON’s bubble bath comes in an 8.5-oz, curved PET bottle that is screen-printed in 4 passes using metallic cobalt blue ink.

Distributor: Berlin Packaging

Phone: 201/947-7744.

President’s Choice flavored coffee mix

Category: Food

Associated Brands Inc. uses a black-tinted beveled PP top cap to emulate the unique bottle shape for the coffee mix line. Sealed with a tri-seal foam, the wide-mouth closure improves product freshness.

Distributor: Richard’s Packaging, Inc.

Phone: 905/624-3391.

Fire ant killer

Category: Household chemical

United Industries found a HDPE bottle with a unique finger grip to easily distribute its ant killer powder from a shaker closure. The new package design includes an in-mold label.

Distributor: C.L. Smith Co.

Phone: 314/771-1202.

Premium ear cleaner

Category: Pet/Vet

This package provides a revolutionary application for 8-in-1’s pet care product. A compact oval-shape container with finger grooves makes it easy to dispense a cloth through the lid’s opening.

Distributor: Continental Glass & Plastic

Phone: 312/666-2050.

Lepage PVA carpenters glue and outdoor glue

Category: General industrial & automotive

A LDPE wide-mouth bottle has a unique resealable threaded nozzle tip. The closure has a cut out for the sealing tip when Lepage’s glue is being applied. A gravity-feed flat side stops the bottle from rolling.

Distributor: Richard’s Packaging, Inc.

Phone: 905/624-3391.

SaltAire Nasal Wash

Category: Drug & pharmaceutical

PincGold’s dispensing package does not have a dispensing closure because the unique bellow on the side of the container that is used to dispense the product from a bottom spout.

Distributor: TricorBraun

Phone: 201/896-1700.

Bingo marker

Category: Novelty

This is a marketing based product line for Flagship Games’ Liquid Concepts that can continually generate new business by adding different sleeves to the same bottle shape. Bottle is designed for high-speed filling.

Distributor: Berlin Packaging

Phone: 402/333-2288.

For more information, call the NACD at 215/564-3484.

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