Coca-Cola, P&G announce new company

Coca-Cola, P&G announce new companyLonger shelf life, lighter-weight containers and easy-opening convenience are likely to represent key packaging features for products marketed by a new company announced in late February by The Coca-Cola Company and Procter & Gamble.

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The two consumer giants will each own 50% of the Limited Liability Company focused on developing and marketing juices, juice-based beverages and snacks for markets worldwide. It will include commercial brands from both parent companies, as well as products now in the developmental stage. The new enterprise’s name and headquarters location were unknown as this issue went to press. Coca-Cola veteran Don Short (shown with several well-known brands from both companies) will serve as CEO. The company pairs Cincinnati-based P&G’s research and development prowess, including the packaging features listed above, with Atlanta-based Coca-Cola’s distribution, merchandising and marketing muscle. The new enterprise will have access to all systems of the two parent companies and will be able to choose the most appropriate route to market for each product. Among new products under development are two glass-bottled beverages, Eclipse and Spire. The former is a vitamin-fortified chilled fruit beverage; the latter a juice-based energy drink. Others include NutriStar, a powdered juice drink fortified with vitamins and minerals, and Jeckles, a salty snack in a stand-up pouch. Amy Neltner, P&G’s manager of public relations, tells Packaging World, “We don’t yet know what will happen in the long-term with current products and those under development, but it does present opportunities for any company in the supply chain to work with us.” For more information, see or (JB)

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