PET pack added to mayo spread

Bestfoods has added a squeezable, clear PET container to its Hellman’s mayonnaise line, which is packaged in standard glass containers. The new 18-oz Big Squeeze container is topped off with a 0.250”-orificed polypropylene flip-top dispensing closure, pigmented in dark and light blue.

Pw 17992 01hellman

Bestfoods, Englewood Cliffs, NJ, which was unavailable for comment at the time of publication, chose the polyethylene terephthalate container and Model 45LCC2 closure of Rexam Closures & Containers (Evansville, IN).

According to Rexam, the 45-mm closure with a 0.250”-orifice allows inversion of the package, enabling full evacuation of the product from the container. It is a completely flush-sided two-piece, continuous-thread, hinged dispensing closure. Rexam says that the flush hinge makes the LCC2 cap "like a screw closure,” allowing easier capping on the filling line.

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