Palletizer demo/test room opened

In a new 5ꯠ-sq' room, packagers can see first-hand how their boxed product will stack up on a palletizer before buying it. Or view it on videotape.

Top Tier (North Adams, MA), a supplier of medium-speed palletizers, has opened a 5ꯠ square-foot demonstration room at its Massachusetts plant. Prospective customers can ship their product and see first-hand how the palletizers can smoothly pick-and-place product in a wide variety of patterns.

Top Tier also videotapes the demonstration for the customer.

"The customer doesn't even have to be present," says Top Tier president James White."Or, the customer can be present and also have a videotape to take back for others in the company to view."

Two machine designs

Top Tier currently manufactures two models of automated palletizers in a patented design. The Tower is designed for high-level infeed applications, and the End-Of-Line is designed for production lines that introduce boxes on a conveyor at floor level.

Each model features a compact design that uses minimal moving parts.

In addition, the Top Tier palletizers employ one dimensional, fixed path bi-directional motor controls. "This patented design means that products enjoy a smoother ride in transition between pick-and-place sites," White says. Both the Tower and End-of-Line models are available in the demonstration room along with Top Tier's Pallet Dispenser and Pallet Sheet Feeder. The company can be contacted for further information or to set up a demonstration appointment.

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