Neckhanger displays gum sample pack

Clearly Canadian and Warner-Lambert have teamed up in a joint sampling program to promote gum and sparkling water. Throughout the summer, three million 1-L polyethylene terephthalate bottles of Clearly Canadian's wild cherry-flavored sparkling water will have their necks adorned with a five-stick sample pack of cherry Trident gum from Morris Plains, NJ-based Warner-Lambert.

"Joining forces with Clearly Canadian in a comprehensive marketing campaign for the introduction of new cherry gum presents an ideal avenue for us to reach mutual target markets," says Heidi Dvorkin, associate product manager for the Trident brand.

Supplied by Printpack (Atlanta, GA), the clear film that holds the gum is a 1.5-mil three-layer coextrusion of high-density polyethylene/ low-density PE/ethylene vinyl acetate. Per Pak/Orlandi (Portage, IN) uses a horizontal flow wrapper to wrap the gum at speeds approaching 200/min. Customized tooling cuts the neck hanger from the same roll of film. All Clearly Canadian has to do in its Vancouver and Toronto facilities is slip the neck hanger over the bottle top.

"Both Trident and Clearly Canadian appeal to image-conscious, active consumers," says Jonathan Cronin, vice president of marketing at Clearly Canadian. "We view this promotion as an opportunity to reward our primary consumer and attract new buyers with tremendous added value."

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