Haircare whipped into shape

Hair Research Labs of Santa Monica, CA, has introduced a new Hairobics line of haircare products that have a whipped-cream-like consistency. They require a high-barrier dispensing package from Advanced Monobloc (Chappaqua, NY).

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It's a bag-in-can system in which product is hermetically sealed inside a pouch. Compressed air-in this case, an oxygen/nitrogen combination-surrounds the pouch in an aluminum can. When an actuator is depressed, the compressed air provides the dispensing pressure, causing a steady flow of product to dispense and foam up on contact with the air. Because the pouches are hermetically sealed, product remains fresh, and because propellants are not used, flammability and CFCs are not an issue. The pouch consists of nylon on the outside, foil in the middle and polypropylene on the inside. The actuating dispensing tip, which is attached to the pouch, is provided by Precision Valve (Yonkers, NY). Graphics on the brushed finish aluminum can are offset-printed in six colors. A PP overcap from Precision Valve sits on top. Cans hold 7.5 oz, measured either in fluid ounces or net weight, depending on the product. Hair Research Labs president Tony Davis admits the package costs about four times as much as a traditional plastic container. But its barrier properties make the investment worthwhile. "We have to charge a little higher price," he says, "but our feeling is that people are going to be willing to try our products and consequently, they'll be hooked." Still, the $5.99 price tag is reasonable compared to other professional haircare lines. Hairobics was introduced to Walgreens stores nationally May 1.

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