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FDA to permit simplified health claims on labels

USDA isn't the only agency embracing HACCP. At the Food &Drug Administration, mandatory HACCP regulations will be implemented over the next two years for seafood processors, the agency announced in December.

FDA plans to begin HACCP inspections this year. Seafood processors must identify hazards throughout the processing system that, without preventive controls, would affect the safety of the product. Packing and packaging of the product is included in the analysis. If at least one hazard is identified, the company must implement an appropriate HACCP plan. The regs call for special provisions for certain types of products. With smoked fish, for example, HACCP controls call for procedures that provide protection from Clostridium botulinum toxin throughout the shelf life of the product. The National Food Processors Association (NFPA) applauded the reasonable approach of the new HACCP seafood regs, which mandates a hazard analysis and a HACCP plan only if hazards controllable through HACCP are reasonably likely to occur.

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