VC999 Launches Rollstock Thermoformer for Small and Mid-size Companies

The new R-series machine, launched at PACK EXPO Las Vegas, can run a variety of packaging types at increased speeds.

VC999 launched its R-Series Rollstock Thermoformer at PACK EXPO Las Vegas, designed for shrink, skin, rigid, flexible, and easy peel films. The R-series is made to service small to mid-size companies in the food and retail industries.

This new rollstock machine is designed to be 15-20% faster through a lift design optimized to increase production speeds, controls with faster processing speeds, and specific valve placement to increase machine reaction speed.

The R-series is further designed for easier serviceability, minimized downtime, and easy cleaning through hygiene washdown capabilities. The machine has a remote access option for maintenance and troubleshooting purposes.

Amy Moyer, marketing manager, VC999, said, “We are excited about the different packaging types that this machine can do. We are now able to run skin packaging below the web line, which is new for this machine.” 

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