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MAP tray for nuts is reclosable, too

In a sophisticated factory in the Turkish province of Sakarya, Aydin Kuruyemiş produces high-quality nuts and dried fruits in various pack styles.

Trays packed by Aydin are hermetically sealed with InsideCut and have a peel tab for easy opening.
Trays packed by Aydin are hermetically sealed with InsideCut and have a peel tab for easy opening.

Among recent investments the firm has made, say Bilal Çağlayan, Project Executive at the Chairman’s office, is a new line for modified atmosphere packaging of nuts in reclosable trays. “As we investigated the possibilities for tray sealing, we knew SEALPAC was one of the top brands. However, another important decision factor was the ability to provide quick maintenance and spare parts, so we had to find out if SEALPAC had a distributor in Turkey. This led us to Feyzi AS. Based on their extensive network of technicians across the country, we became convinced that they would be able to give us the appropriate service. Furthermore, Feyzi’s Sales Director, Mr. Serkan Atay, proved to be a reliable bridge between us and SEALPAC.”

The result was a full line solution consisting of a SEALPAC AS-LS1200 linear denester, Walking Beam in-feed conveyor, SGF-1 loose-fill system, vibration unit, A6 traysealer and MD1200-D lidding system. For the installation of this line, Çağlayan, primarily based in the Istanbul head office, worked closely together with Osman Eroğlu, Food Engineer in the Sakarya factory, who explains: “The Walking Beam in-feed system guarantees the most accurate positioning of the trays underneath the filling heads. Furthermore, after filling the trays with product, the Walking Beam ensures immaculate transport of the tray without spilling product over the edge throughout the entire line. The line offers enough flexibility to run two different tray formats with minimum changeover times. The MD1200-D lidding system is even equipped with two magazines, each containing the appropriate lid for the two tray formats (144 x 114 x 50 mm and 144 x 89 x 54 mm), making it easy to switch from one to another.”

The nuts are packaged under modified atmosphere, meaning that the normal air inside the tray is replaced with 100% nitrogen. This prohibits oxidative rancidity and provides a shelf life of one year. Çağlayan: “Besides the quality of the equipment itself, what we found to be most impressive is SEALPAC’s special vacuum and gas-injection system,which is able to bring the residual oxygen level inside the package down to below 0.1%. There are very few companies that can achieve such values.” Moreover, each tray is hermetically sealed with SEALPAC’s InsideCut system for an excellent appearance at retail and has a peel tab for easy opening by the consumer. The lid allows the consumer to re-close the tray and keep any remaining nuts fresh if not using them all at once.

Çağlayan concludes: “Approximately 50% of our products are exported abroad in bulk, mainly to wholesalers. From Europe to the Middle East, from Russia to China, we have commercial activities in approximately 60 countries. On the domestic market, we supply to retailers, such as Migros, Metro, Carrefour and BIM. We can see that nuts in trays are becoming more common in Turkey and abroad. As such, we are planning to be more competitive at retail by introducing new products. For example, we see an increasing demand for small portions of 25 to 30 grams.We expect some interesting product launches very soon.”


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